As you sow, so shall you reap

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to deal with drunk people. Most of the time they put me in trouble or they run away without paying. It’s very frustrating, especially when the police get involved.

I remember one time, when it was winter this guy in his late twenties was drunk. I picked him up from a bar in Manhattan. He stumbled in my cab and passed out. His friend gave me an address and told me to drop him off there. I nodded, smiled and said ok. How hard could it have been to drop off a drunk man. Right!

I started my cab, took a few turns but when I stopped at a right light, I realized the man rolled down the windows and was sticking his feet outside. It frustrated me and I told him not to do that. But he didn’t listen. I had to get out of my cab, push him back inside and close the window.

In an hour we reached his destination. The problem was that he wasn’t getting out. He was so drunk that he refused to listen. I shook him a couple of times to wake him up but to no avail. At this point I had enough of him, so I called the police.

Within fifteen minutes an officer came. At first the officer lightly tapped the man on his shoulder but that made no difference. He than became more aggressive. When the man realized that a police officer was trying to wake him up, he jumped out of the cab. He was still drunk and was mumbling apologies. He started heading towards the building on the left.

“He didn’t pay me. He owes me fifty dollars,” I objected to the officer. The officer grabbed the man by the shoulder and asked him for money. But the man didn’t budge. He was so drunk he couldn’t even stand.

The officer dug into the man’s pockets and pulled out his wallet. Besides a twenty-dollar bill and his ID, he had nothing. The officer handed me the twenty-dollar bill and said, “I’m so sorry man. This is all he has.”

Just as I was about to leave the officer called me back. He held the drunk man by the arm and made him sit on the edge of a water fountain. He then called an ambulance. The drunk man tried to rise to his feet saying he was perfectly fine and that he lived in that big building, but the officer didn’t let him leave.

With in a few minutes the ambulance came. By now the man had become a little sober. “Look I’m perfectly fine.” He tried to argue.

The officer shoved him in the ambulance and told the EMT officers to take him to the hospital.

When I asked the officer why he did that he smiled and said, “he had to pay you fifty bucks… he’ll learn his lesson when he has to pay the ambulance 800 bucks for a single ride.”

That day I realized that you will receive what you give. In other words: As you sow, so shall you reap.

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  1. theholodoc says:

    Thanks for the story. What is very nice to hear in these days of Black Lives Matters, is the policeman was helpful and considerate of you. So many times they are not and j\ust complicate matters. Dr. Bob

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    1. From Pakistan to NYC says:

      Yes sir! Some of the police officers I’ve encountered are not pleasant, but a few are nice!

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  2. Yetismith says:

    My experience has taught me to stay away from people who are drunk! You never know what will happen. I hope your passenger learned his lesson!

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    1. From Pakistan to NYC says:

      I agree! I try my best to steer away from such people… but sometimes I’m not in the position to… refusing people rides can lead to a fine!


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